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Morph Release Notes for Firmware, App, and Software [Updates] (10)

This thread contains a list of all the Firmware, App and Software releases for the Sensel Morph.

Sound Packs and Sample Sets [Updates] (7)

This topic is a running thread which keeps track of sound packs, sample sets, and other content useful for making music with the Morph. We'll have sets for major DAWs such as Logic, Live, Bitwig, Garage Band, Reason, and…

Morph Update Version 0.16: Overlay Designer Beta, Morph Settings, No Overlay, MPE Updates, XYZ MIDI, and Linux [Updates] (6)
Sensel Morph Videos [Updates] (1)
Morph Update Version 0.14: MPE, Touchpads, Thresholds, and LEDs [Updates] (2)
Morph Update Version 0.13: Control Area Events, Alpha MPE [Updates] (14)
Morph Update Version 0.8: Gaming, AZERTY, and Dvorak Overlays [Updates] (1)
Morph Update Version 0.9: Art Overlay Mode, No-Overlay Mode, Mac Driver and More [Firmware Updates] (4)
About the Updates category [Updates] (2)