31 ET Bosanquet and Linear "Diesis" Layouts

Here is my render of Preset 8 (31 ET Bosanquet) of the Lumatone Manual configured for a Sensel Layout.

The mapping is to note 0 = C3 but that of course could be changed. I centered note 0 to the left midway in the 5 x 13 hexagrid. I might change this to get the natural A twice.

Of course using something like Entonal Studio or Infintone DMT it is easy to remap and as it is an Isomorphic layout it will translate into different modes.

31 EDO Bosanquet.senselmap (8.0 KB)

I also attach another layout to simply explore the diesis effect of 31 EDO and this one goes to two octaves higher.

Note 0 = C2 bottom left

It is a linear left to right stacked from the bottom layout.

31 EDO Linear.senselmap (8.0 KB)