Assigning parameters with sensel.writeReg() in Python


BTW, I am still trying to get a good signal in response to static force (see Force variations across contact area with uniform pressure).

After some experimenting, I configured the Morph in Python with these statements:

    sensel.setFrameContent(handle, sensel.FRAME_CONTENT_PRESSURE_MASK | sensel.FRAME_CONTENT_CONTACTS_MASK)
    sensel.setContactsMask(handle, sensel.CONTACT_MASK_ELLIPSE | sensel.CONTACT_MASK_BOUNDING_BOX)

# turn off dynamic baselining
    sensel.writeReg(handle, sensel.SENSEL_REG_BASELINE_DYNAMIC_ENABLED, 1, [0]) 

# set min contact force to 1
    sensel.writeReg(handle, sensel.SENSEL_REG_CONTACTS_MIN_FORCE, 1, [1])

# turn on blob merging
    sensel.writeReg(handle, sensel.SENSEL_REG_CONTACTS_ENABLE_BLOB_MERGE, 1, [1])

# scan at two frames/sec
    sensel.writeReg(handle, sensel.SENSEL_REG_SCAN_FRAME_RATE, 1, [2])

Please verify the “sense.writeReg()” statements.

The C language examples were great. It would be very helpful to add more features to the Python examples which are kinda simple now (maybe make them equivalent to the C examples).

Thank you!