Can't import maps to Windows


Hey, similiar to the “Can’t import a Sensel Map” topic, I recently installed on Windows. The app will not import a map: I can select a file (for Ableton), but the Open button will not function. Enter also will not function.

I’ve tried compatibility mode, running as administrator, reinstalling both the 32 and 64 bit versions, reinstalling the Ableton scripts, and importing the other Ableton scripts. Nothing works.

Is this a bug in the current Windows build?


Hi, sorry to hear you are experiencing issues. Since you saw the other topic, I assume you have the latest SenselApp, you have permission to the file. Here are some specific ideas for Windows:

  1. Make sure you have unzipped the file containing the .senselmap files.
  2. Make sure the file is selected in the file browser
  3. Again, not highly recommended, but you can go into %appdata%/…/LocalLow/Sensel/SenselApp/, make a copy of all the files/folders (as a backup), and then copy the sensemap into the folder corresponding to the Overlay. If you have any issues after doing this, just delete all the files/folders and replace them with your backup.

If you continue to experience issues, could you let me know what map you are trying to open and what version of the SenselApp you have.