Controlling Unintended Touch Changes


I tried another touch based hardware interface a while back and I ran into this problem:

Ex. I had a vertical touch strip area that was configured for channel volume and set at “7”. When I touched it again, it was difficult or impossible to pick up from that exact setting. IOW, when I touched it, it might pick up just a bit higher or lower. This was particularly problematic when try to ride the fader during live tracking or when DJing, where the jumps were very noticeable.

Compare behavior this to a physical fader: you can easily resume moving it from where it was previously set without any unexpected jumps.

My question is how this issue may be addressed with the Morph?


Hello Kenny, thank you for reaching out. We have heard this feedback from several customers and will be adding a new relative slider that saves your current positions and allows you to adjust from there.

Hi Alex. Thanks for replying and acknowledging that this will be addressed. Is the relative slider feature something that will be added via to existing versions of Morph via a firmware update?

Just giving this question a bump:

I’m very pleased that the Relative Slider will be available. My question is: will this require new hardware or will be made available to existing hardware via a firmware update?


Hello, yes, this will be in the next firmware update available to all Morph customers in the next week.

Thanks! Count me in. I’ll be ordering my Morph in the coming weeks!