Making Overlays with Cricut

Does anyone have any experience with Cricut cutting machines? Do we think they could work for prototyping overlays? I believe they are most commonly used to cut vinyl (the raw material).

Max material thickness is 2.4mm on the Maker model. It’s alright within its constraints. I use one for making controller overlays from cardstock or vinyl, mostly. If you want some tactile depth or material options it could work, depending on what your expectations are.

It’s a nifty gadget for printing out a controller overlay and then having it cut out all the fiddly button & knob shapes for you.

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Awesome. Exactly the answer I was looking for. Do you have any examples of overlays you have made with it?

Here’s a selection of some older projects using cardstock, sticker paper and vinyl:


Nice work! Thank you for sharing!

Any examples of Sensel overlays made with the Cricut?

Not yet for a tactile template. I’ve only used it to cut out overlay creator printouts to check for dimensional accuracy (it’s fine).

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