Thunder overlay. Morph USB MIDIclass compliant


Hi, Im interested in this controller but for me the deal maker in purchasing the morph is whether with the Thunder overlay it can act as a standalone class compliant MIDI/MPE. I’m looking to add the Morph/Thunder to my Eigenharp, Artiphon I1 and Roli (the latter three class compliant), Buchla as a standalone away from the screen to control my modulars and MIDI hardware. I dont mind programming the Morph from a computer as long as I can rid of this in performance. I imagine some USB MIDI to CV conversion box.

Thank you for any info.


Yes, the Morph (also with the Thunder overlay) can act as a class compliant, MPE compatible MIDI device. E.g. you can plug one into an Axoloti and start playing. Particularly with Axoloti you have to consider that it doesn’t support USB hubs though, so you can only plug in one Morph, not several. On Raspberry PI, Bela or Mac/PC several Morphs with a USB hub are no problem though.


Thank you very much for the information. I have ordered the Morph and Thunder. Ill be using it with physical models so it will predominantly be using a computer host but being able to free it outside that is great.

Thanks again