Thunder Overlay - responsiveless P key bottom half

I usually play with the thunder overlay set to lowest threshold for each key, but i lately noticed that the bottom half of the P key (the pointed part, down from its left corner to the bottom side) in my thunder overlay is not responsive to touch most of the times, and i can’t get any note be played when striking P, unless i make sure to press the top half. This behavior affects only P key, infact: the opposite key on the left © is instead fully responsive through all its surface.
This happens no matter if midi or mpe mode is used and if software or a hardware synth is played: it’s a constant for my case, but in the visualizer the Morph appear fully responsive to pressure with regular and homogeneus sensitivity.
I don’t understand the reason for this, but it affects negatively the playability, as long as i need everytime to make sure to use the right part of the key to get the note played.

Thanks so much for reporting this issue. We are working on a solution which will be implemented in our next firmware update. Appreciate your patience in the meantime!

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Hello Matt!
Thanks for your reply.
After a fine check of every single key responsiveness, i also noticed that sometimes E key retriggers the same note; this is noticeable when playing drum machines or any short attack/release note. This is more like a subtle behavior, but worth to mention.
I actually report these small issues because i truly believe that Morph is a really great instrument, which deserves to reach its really high maximum potential.
I love capacitive keyboards, because i don’t really care too much about velocity, but with the Morph, i’m getting to revalue this feature, as long as it can be achieved even with a slightly different pressure.

Thanks for letting us know, @Federico.C! Really appreciate your constructive feedback here. Excited to hear more from you as you explore velocity and other features.

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