Keep up with all things Sensel! Here, Sensel team members will post updates about new Overlays, firmware updates, and any other new offerings from the company.

Overlay Designs and #MorphMade

Whether you've used the Morph to create music or art, this is a great place to share it! Also feel free to share projects on social media with "#MorphMade". Your creative projects are the reason we made the Morph, and now you can share them with the entire Sensel community!


Share your ideas with the Sensel community! Whether there's a #MorphMade project you want to share, ideas for overlays or improvements, your dreams of input and touch technology, this is your place to do it!

Software Compatibility

Whether you're discussing the Morph's Software Compatibility for music, art, gaming, or media editing, you can do so here.

API + Hacking

If you've hacked your own #MorphMade Project please post it here and tag the #morphmade-projects section as well! Feel free to discuss any API and coding topics in this thread.

Sensel App

This thread includes everything that falls under the existing Sensel App, eventually including the "make your own overlay" functionality that will be a part of it down the line.