Accessing overlay map information through API


With the current firmware, is it possible using the API to access information about an overlay map that has been sent to the Morph?

For example, let’s say I’ve designed an overlay map with three buttons and each button is set at a different threshold value and I want to know the necessary force needed to reach each threshold value, so I use a program that has similar outputs as that of the force_call examples. Is there a way using the API that it recognizes a map has been sent to the Morph and it obtains information about the location and threshold values of the buttons, so that while I’m running the program and press down on a particular button I can get a force value once I have reached the threshold value of that button?

Any help or other ideas are much appreciated!


@LR16 Did you get any feedback on this?


Hello, currently this has not been added to our API. Map data is still being iterated on and as soon as it has stabilized, we will release more information on how to access/change maps via our API. There is currently no schedule for this release, but we will make sure to keep the community updated. Thank you for your patience.