How do you precisely align overlay buttons on the Morph? (138mm vs 140mm)

I’m still working on my Wicky-Hayden overlay! But I’m having a rather frustrating time of the buttons not quite being where they’re supposed to be. This is probably due to a few different issues, but the one I’m currently trying to fix is:

How do you precisely align a ‘2d/3d file’ from SenselApp with the physical Morph, since they’re different sizes?

(SenselApp’s .svg output files, and all the Sensel documentation, say that the touch surface of the Morph is 240*140mm. But if I measure the flat surface on mine with either a ruler or machinist’s calipers, it’s 138/138.5mm tall. If I include the slope of the LED bezel, it’s 139mm. If I include the whole LED bezel it’s 141mm.)

I know 2mm doesn’t sound like much, but my keyboard keys are only 14mm between centres. I’m regularly hitting wrong notes, and careful testing with a pencil tip indicates it’s not because my fingers are clumsy. My actual inputs differ from the overlay design by up to 6mm (in various directions) –I guess because it can’t detect location that accurately, and/or because the firmware doesn’t quite place the pads exactly where you draw them on SenselApp. So the extra 2mm of uncertainty, from the overlay not lining up, might be enough to make a small performance issue into a massive one.

PS: I made sure to use square pads in my design, since I know other shapes aren’t fully implemented yet. FWIW, functioning circular pads would completely solve my precision problems.

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If anyone’s curious, here’s where I’m at with the layout:

The 30-degree tilt makes a world of difference to the ergonomics; I originally planned for it to be horizontal, with continuous rows across the whole surface, but the tilt gives me so much more facility to play quickly and reach notes without having to look. Unfortunately I suspect that the tilt is part of what’s making the button alignment a bit jank.


Update: I’ve printed a new paper prototype which aligns to the bottom of the morph (ignoring the no-man’s-land of trying to align to some part of the LED strip) and it works almost perfectly! I’m not actually getting wrong notes any more.

I was probably overly critical of the Morph firmware’s positioning; it seems to work perfectly well now, though it did need a few rounds of trial-and-error to get the prototype aligned correctly on the morph.

I’m hopeful that there’s not many design revisions left, and I can get a version made up in silicone soon!

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I’m glad to hear you got this to a point where you’re happy with! It looks incredible. Keep us posted, we’d love to see/hear it in action when it’s ready.

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