Anyone here willing to sell their Morph? :)

Please learn from my mistake.

Unless you know and trust the person you’re sending to, NEVER use Paypal friends and family, since you’ll have no recourse if you don’t receive what you’ve ordered.

I too was burned by Steve, and have been in touch with ‘Computer’ the user who posted his name and email address.

Hi @Br0Haha and @Computer ,

I’m so sorry to hear that you were both scammed. That’s really unfortunate. I hate to see scammers taking advantage of people.

For anyone purchasing a Morph second hand, I suggest that you ask the seller to list their Morph on eBay or Reverb, and go that route.

If you do want to deal directly and pay them via PayPal, make sure you don’t use the friends and family option, as @Br0Haha mentioned. If you pay them as a business, you get some protections from PayPal. I believe you can also add purchase protection.

Also, don’t pay via Zelle, as it also has no recourse. The money shows up in their bank right away and it’s basically like handing them cash.

I believe Venmo has some purchase protections, but you should investigate that on your own before purchasing.

Finally, make sure you tell them to choose a shipping method with tracking.

Be careful out there.

Kind regards,

Thank you Mark, I really appreciate that! In the process of trying to work this out. Not holding my breath.

Reverb has been great! Bought my first Sensel Morph from them, and just bought another, at a great price. Ebay auctions tend to get pricey, post-Sunset, especially if they complete on a weekend. The first recent auction came out to $535, including shipping, the next, on a Saturday, later that week, came out to about $650. is another option for purchase of used Morphs. I used it to sell a URL.

Two Morphs? That’s how much I love the Morph. Two hands, two morphs! It’s a happy life. Though the piano keys are narrow, the slip and slide and all around MPE is good for the soul, and other genres of music :wink: Now… if I could just locate one more piano keys overlay…

Thank you Mark, to you and your excellent team, for inventing something so amazingly awesome. Thanks also for the efforts you put in, trying to restart production, prior to the Sunset announcement. I’m sure that wasn’t easy.

Best of luck with your main business. Glad your hard work is working out so well for you.

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@Br0Haha, thank you very much for your kind and thoughtful words. I’m thrilled that you love your Morph and at the same time disappointed that we couldn’t do more to make it even better.

Best of luck with trying to get a refund. At the very least maybe you can report the “seller” so that they get flagged and won’t be able to scam others with that account.

Kind regards,

They say sarcasm is often misunderstood.

I feel it’s important to clear the air about what went down: you collected $900 for used Sensel Morphs from me and ‘Computer’ that were NEVER shipped. The facts of the matter, as revealed by a tangled web of contradictory lies, suggest you had no intention of ever shipping them. The logical conclusion is that you intentionally set out to scam Computer and me.

  • You instructed me to send money to your fiancé’s PayPal account, asking that I send it via ‘Friends and Family’, apparently so you would not be charged a fee to receive it. You seemed trustworthy and sincere. In retrospect, I reckon you knew I would have no way to get the money back, if sent by F&F.

  • You told Computer to send money by Zelle. Apparently, you were aware she would have no recourse, if she did so.

  • You told me you had given it to your girlfriend, who had shipped it to me, First Class, from Buffalo, NY, without insurance.

  • You indicated you had misplaced the receipt, said you would look for it, spent two days looking for it.

  • When I inquired further, you abruptly indicated ‘this conversation is over’.

At that point, I had a sinking feeling I had thrown away $500. All the same, I kept checking my mail, and kept checking Informed Delivery, every day for seven days, just in case.

One week after the time you said it had been shipped, I reached out to Computer. Upon receiving my message, she responded she’d also been scammed.

Upon reading her email:

  • I spent 33 minutes calling PayPal. ‘No recourse due to F&F.’

  • Spent 19 minutes calling my bank. ‘No recourse’.

  • Called the Buffalo Police department. Was instructed to file a police report locally.

  • Since I had absolutely no other way to get my $500 back, I resorted to calling your girlfriend/fiancé at work. I began our one-minute conversation by apologizing for calling her at work. Indicated I was doing so since you had instructed me to send $500 to her PayPal account, for a Sensel Morph I had never received. She said she would reach out to you.

  • Eleven minutes later you sent me an email indicating: “I was unable to get the Sensel Morph in the mail originally,” directly contradicting your earlier statement “already been mailed”.

  • Told you I didn’t want your Sensel Morph, wanted my $500 repaid in full, by EOD Friday, else I would be reporting this to my local police department, first thing on Saturday, per Buffalo PD’s instructions. They said once my PD reached out to them, they would assign a detective to the case, to investigate.

  • None of what I said in the course of dealing with you was a ever threat: I was merely indicating the course of events that would occur, if I didn’t receive a prompt refund. ‘Threat’ is merely your interpretation. Easier for you to blame me and Computer, than to accept responsibility for your own actions, apparently.

Dude, knock it off!!!

I’m tired of your repeated character assassination, such as the following, from one of your deleted posts, and reiterated in one of your emails:

“These people threatened me, called my girlfriend at work, and sent countless emails. THEY WILL FIND YOU AND CALL YOUR GIRLFRIEND AT WORK. You are dealing with unhinged individuals here that resort to this for an online dispute.”

You CAUSED this, yet you blame us?! You left us with no other recourse.

You robbed 10 hours from my life, and countless hours of Computer’s time, including more than 70 total emails! The time you stole from me includes time I had to take off from work, without notice, thereby infuriating my boss. It’s also time I could not spend making music, or enjoying myself. That’s 10 angst-filled hours you caused me.

That’s reprehensible.

I feel darn lucky to have succeeded in getting my refund, with Computer’s exceptional tag-team help. Metaphorically, the amount of ‘squeaky wheel oil’ it took to get our refunds is tantamount to the combined volume of oil spilled in the Exxon Valdez and BP Gulf oil disasters.

She and I conclude we’ve got a touch of PTSD from your attempts to scam us, and the fierce battle we had to go through to get back the money you stole from us.

I don’t hate you. I’ll be glad to never have anything to do with you ever again. I have no reason to ever contact your girlfriend again. That single call worked wonders. I’ll always appreciate her help in turning around the adversity you selfishly heaped upon us.

I do feel sorry for you. Your web of lies, to Computer and me, your stories upon stories, your absolute unwillingness to accept responsibility for your actions, seems to paint a deeper, darker picture.

One more thing. In one of your deleted posts, you stated:

“And Sensel: You did a terrible job sunsetting. Your product will have no support and no value when the software ceases to work. Anyone buying one used is a fool. Release the API and open source the software if you care ANY bit about your users.”

A) Sounds like you’re blaming Sensel for your actions, as well, completely ignoring their gargantuan, heartfelt efforts to keep the product alive.

B) Essentially, you insulted anyone who wants to buy a used Sensel. Tangentially, you insulted all Sensel owners, as well.

What a great way to engender even more ill-will towards yourself than you earned by trying to defraud Computer and me.

It’s hard to discern any truth from the flood of emails you sent to me and Computer. They contain a myriad of contradictions. You’re obviously a talented and smart person, with excellent musical chops. I get the feeling your girlfriend is truly a kind and wonderful person; I reckon you’re very lucky to have her love and devotion.

They say that ‘free advice is always worth the asking price’:

  • You need to start accepting responsibility for your actions, regardless of however much it pains you.

  • Don’t ever try to scam anyone, ever again: Such behavior is reprehensible, and you won’t get away with it. You’re terrible at covering your tracks.

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Ms. Morph persona was a thinly veiled attempt to hide an even worse attempt at sarcasm.

Seeking a drama free purchase of a used a Piano Keyboard Overlay, as well as an Innovator’s Overlay. Used is fine, as are aesthetic imperfections.


Forum members can contact other forum members by clicking on the big letter next to the other person’s user name, (at the top of each post or reply), and clicking on ‘Message’.

Since forum members can reach out that way, one needn’t post their email address: posted email addresses tend to attract sp@m.

OK. I feel I have to boomerang back here for a minute and confirm alias Ms Morph story is 100% correct. I am Computer. Ms Morph and Computer was scammed by S. It was calculated and specific, because the story Ms Morph contacted me about was exactly the same story I got, which was the insisting on Paypal’s Friends and Family, and Zelle, immediately payment and no recourse. Then you wait a week, he says they the woman at the Postal counter told him to do First Class and he never kept the receipt, no tracking numbers. Then when caught, he later says he had two Morphs, one was broken and he can send you the one that works. At that point, you need to run as fast as you can, to the bank.

Next time around, two people might not contact each other, so you really are on your own.

The story here is important so others can be aware of how these can happen. This site may delete all of this, but for a short while, this is my attempt to protect people. Suggestion - don’t post email addresses.


EDIT: I changed my mind about selling my Morph. I’ll keep it for the moment. It’s working for me as a way to trigger shortcuts in other programs.

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