Anyone here willing to sell their Morph? :)

Hi there Sensel community,

Ever since the Morph has been unofficially discounted, I’ve been looking to get a second-hand unit at a fair price. However, I didn’t really have much luck so far while hunting for one on the usual online selling platforms, so I thought I’ll write here and ask if any of you good people, preferably the ones living in Europe would be interested in selling your unit? Or perhaps a backup unit you might have handy?
My budget can get up to 300EUR for a nicely preserved unit - depending on the number of overlays it might be coming with. I’m mostly interested in the Buchla, the Drum Pad and the Innovators overlays. However, it’s really not a dealbreaker if you don’t own any of these 3.
So yeah, in case you have a unit and are considering selling, please feel free to hit me up with an email here: s.puckovski[at]gmail[.]com

Thanks in advance for getting in touch.



I may be interested in selling mine. I must warn you, I paid $500 US for it a few months ago. I have had little use for it, although it works great. I have quite a few overlays for it. I have the following overlays:

QWERTY keyboard
2 Octave Musical Keyboard
Production Overlay
Buchla Thunder
Developer’s Overlay
Drum Overlay

I also have a Developer’s cable, and the Sensel soft case for the whole thing.

I am reluctant to sell, but if you offer me the $500 USD, PLUS shipping to you, I will sell. I do not want to lose money on this unit. It is really not available anymore, and I would rather keep it than lose money on it. I paid a premium to get it in the first place.

Thank you, and sorry to be so rigid. I will not take any offers for less, so don’t waste your/my time suggesting it. If you really want one, you will do as I did, and pay the extra. It is definitely a unique item, and who knows if they will ever come up with anything like it soon.

Sorry if I’ve wasted your time, my friend.


@brentmoreland, thanks for your reply and offering your unit. That’s appreciated. So you seem to almost have the complete bundle package which originally was selling for 499$ new - this one: The Complete Morph Bundle. However, you’re missing 2 overlays from that package - the gaming and the video editing one. Which again is not a dealbreaker for me, because I’m not after those particular overlays anyway. And given that it’s very difficult to find a morph nowadays, I’d say that your offer is still reasonable. With that said, hence you’ve offered your price in $, I’m guessing you’re located somewhere in the US and unfortunately the extra amount I’ll have to add for the shipment as well as the import fees is going to be a dealbreaker for me, as it would easily add to some 20% to 25% more of that price in order for me to get it here in EU. So I’m afraid your offer is out of reach for me. For me it would work the best if there’s a seller that is located somewhere within the EU, so there would not be any import fees involved.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply. I’m sure someone else around here that is located in the US will be interested in your offer.


Hey Brent! I’ll take you up on your offer. :slightly_smiling_face:

Mind shooting me an email with some photos of it? Just want to make sure I don’t get scammed. :upside_down_face:


I’m working tonight, but I’ll take some photos tomorrow morning.


Sorry, I forgot about your offer. Here is the photo:


Looks great! Can I get your email address so we can finish this up there?


Hi Josh,
Still interested?

Yep! Looks great! Can I get your email address so we can finish this up there?


What payment method are you going to use?

Either PayPal or Happy to figure out the details there if you could let me know your email address.


I sent you a message from my email. You should have that now.

I have one id be willing to sell. I bought it in 2020 and have only used it twice since. I have the morph and the 3 main overlays (piano, drum kit pad, and midi pad)

Cool! How much are you wanting for it?


$450 includes shipping
my email is and I have PayPal

has there been a reason as to why they will no longer be in production?
are they going out of business?

hope not

I’m also interested in buying a used Sensel Morph. Please PM me if you’re interested. Thanks!

I have two and may end up selling one. I will report back here by the end of July - that’s my deadline for making my mind up. The one I’m selling is a used one, but comes with the original box and original cable, as well as an Innovators Overlay.

Throwing my name in here also, as a potential buyer, for future sellers in this impromptu exchange thread that’s developed here.