Best (easily removable) glue for paper overlay?


I want to attach a paper overlay to my Morph. Which kind of glue would you recommend? Please either give a type of glue or a brand (but in this case a brand easily available in Europe please).

Thank you in advance.

Hello, thanks for contacting us. We have not used glue with paper on the Morph before and do not have any recommendations. In the past, we have used removable tape on the edges of a paper to hold down paper, however we have not tested the long term effects of those tapes on the Morph.

I would recommend using removable tapes to attach the paper to the under side of the Innovator’s Overlay. The Innovator’s Overlay is easier to clean and this would prevent the adhesives being used on the Morph. I understand this may add some thickness and change the feel of your experience, but I wanted to provide a recommendation.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us at

Thanks for the recommendation Alex!

Try Elmers or similar craft glue stick. It adheres but does not dry hard and comes off with use of a warm damp washcloth

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