Inventor Overlay seems too opaque

Maybe it’s just me, but even when I create a light background and bold symbols/letters on my printouts, the overlay is really hard to see through clearly. I’ve resorted to taping my overlay on the top of the inventor overlay which looks ghetto and is not as durable but works OK.

Anyone else have this issue or maybe a better solution?

I won;t be 3d printing any templates for a while.

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Sorry to hear you feel the Innovator’s Overlay is too opaque. In addition to using the Overlay on top of the Innovator’s Overlay, you could also set the No Overlay mode to load the Innovator’s Layout without an Overlay on the device. As a result, you could make the paper overlay out of a nicer paper or laminate it to make it last longer and then adhere it to the sides of the Morph to keep it in place. However, only use adhesives that do not leave residue if you want to keep your Morph clean. Also, I do not recommend adhering to the black area of the Morph as any residue may interfere with force sensing.

I hope this helps.