Click, Drag, and Move for 3D modeling apps

I am trying to customize the Morph to use for 3D apps. In several applications (Solidworks, Blender, Meshmixer and I’m sure others) moving a part around involves click and hold (either right, left, or center) and moving the mouse. Sometimes holding shift, Ctrl, or Alt is also required. I would love to turn this motion into a slider on the Morph.
Is this something that can be done in SenselApp or do I need to use the API?

Hello, thanks for contacting us. There is currently no way to combine these actions on one slider, but you could make buttons for Ctrl, Alt, etc. and then change a slider into a trackpad area to move the mouse. Additionally, you could use the Gaming Overlay to have a large trackpad in the middle and then change the buttons to be modifiers. The API is always an option but we will also look into other possible ways to modify the Morph to interact with 3D apps.

Thanks Alex. I can see how to make a trackpad area, but how can I make it so that a “click” is actually a right click or a middle click? Also, the CTRL doesn’t seem to work on Mouse Scroll. In Meshmixer, you can change “strength” by holding control and using the scroll wheel on the mouse. but the Keyboard Slider with Ctrl checked doesn’t give me that action.

Thanks for letting us know! That appears to be a bug.