Multitouch / zoom

I use my morph for all sorts of things. Music, video, you name it…

But I really want to use it in Adobe illustrator as a track pad to move around and zoom.

How do I set it up to pinch / zoom / behave like a normal Mac touchpad? is this possible? It’s been driving me crazy trying to figure it out!

Hey! Sorry to report that this is not possible. Good to know it would be of interest…we’re looking into creating a standalone touchpad with Sensel tech.

Can’t the existing Morph be considered a standalone touchpad? Isn’t this more an issue of the software support rather than something that hardware would address?


Hey Tim, yes this feature could be applied to both via software when we have the resources. This is all still theoretical, I just thought it was relevant to share. A standalone touchpad would have some different hardware features like haptics, which can’t be applied to the Morph via software, but you’re right that’s not necessary here.

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