Trackpad mode-speed

I’d love to avoid spending 130 bucks on a magic trackpad for my mac but it seems that there’s no adjustment to the morphs trackpad speed. It’s far too slow to be a useful mouse-replacement.

Any ideas here?

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Hi there, I’m also looking for ways to control the tracking speed when I’m in trackpad mode, with no overlay. This seems like a pretty straightforward function. Is there a 3rd party software that recognizes the sensel as a trackpad that can then allow me to adjust the tracking speed? It is very slow.

Hello, currently there is not an option in the SenselApp to change the rate of movement, but you can change your pointer speed at the OS level. On Windows 10, search for mouse, open that window and then click on “Additional Mouse Options”. You can then click on the “Pointer Options” tab and change the speed. You can do something similar in macOS by going into System Preferences. We understand that some people will want to change the speed of just the Morph though and have added this to our internal list of potential features.