Precision mode / monitor choosing

I was recently testing differences between wacom intuos and sensel morph and one main thing that drives me nuts in morph is that for paintbrush area it’s always mapped to one particular screen, which I can’t change.
I know you guys are still developing this wonderful peace of technology (and in my opinion you’re doing pretty damn good job there), and I’m aware that Morph has won a lot of fans from music industry, but since you guys gave us an option to paint with this promising device, another option for choosing where to paint is a must-have.

As I was searching through the depths of internet looking for an answer, I came up with an idea:
what if you could add an option within touchpad area options, similar to precision mode of wacom’s software, where you can choose part of the whole screen, to send morph’s command to, whether it’s single- or multi-monitor setup?
Another nice functionality would be a checkbox, that enables an option for choosen area to follow mouse pointer, so I can freely move my mouse between multiple programs, without the need to switch them between monitors?

As far as I know most (if not all) of monitor setups can be recognized as a rectangle with top-left point being 0x0 and bottom-right being MAX_WIDTHxMAX_HEIGHT. If I’m right, then mapping such area could be as easy as displaying rectangle representing whole working area, and then drawing rectangle with click&drag or specifying X, Y, Width and Height in pixels. Of course this rectangle should keep aspect ratio of morph’s actual size.

What do you guys think about it? It would be really nice to have option like this.

Hello David,

Thank you for contacting us. We definitely think these are some good ideas and have added them to our list of internal feature requests.

I believe you should be able to change which screen you are drawing on by changing which screen is your main screen, but I understand that switching the main screen may be annoying. We will definitely keep this feedback in mind.

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