[General Question/Feature Request] - macOS - senselDriver fit Morph to resolution of primary display or canvas?


I am wondering if the senselDriver app can be updated to have the ability to fit the Morph surface area to the working primary display resolution (or working canvas size in applications like Corel Painter or Photoshop CS6)? For example, in the .prefPane options for Wacom tablets, you have the ability to inform the surface of the tablet what the screen or canvas resolution is, so that when you lift your stylus, it doesn’t place your beginning mark outside the canvas. It knows that the bottom left corner of the wacom surface area = bottom left corner of the canvas, or display.

I ask because I find the Sensel pushing my brush out of bounds of the canvas, even when I toggle to full screen mode in PSCS6. Is this something that can be built into the preferences for the SenselDriver?

Thank your for the suggestion. At the moment, we are using the macOS Driver to recreate the same behavior as the Morph on Windows and Linux, but it could be possible in the future to modify the Driver to produce this behavior.