Update on Updates

Hello Morph community! We know it’s been a while since there’s been a major update here. We are working to bring in additional support to address a lot of the great ideas/feedback you’ve brought up over the past year. Thanks a ton for your patience and passion for the Morph as we work to bring you the best experience possible. As always, we welcome all ideas and are excited to see/hear everything you do.


that`s good news, thankyou

please don’t forget to include:

1: PROGRAM CHANGE not only thru the small up and down arrows like now but by asigning discreet MIDI PROGRAM CHANGE numbers to any zone.

2: VALUE RANGES for any given control, from value n to value n, including allowing the same value for both “from” and “to”, so that specific values of any control can be assigned to a zone , with a system to allow multiple zones to be grouped to allow to switch between specific values of a given control number.

3: SENSITIVITY CURVES for any given control
choose between linear, logarithmic and exponential or even better with bezier curves, lines and points

4: TIME LAG to smoothen controls with an Attack time and a Release time

5: MULTI NOTE TRIGGERS along the Z dimension of a zone
so that different discreet note numbers can be triggered at specified threshold positions of the pressure

6: if what retain you to include all these functions is the fear to confuse your customers, just make a SIMPLIFIED EDITOR with an option for an EXPERT MODE editor for those who are not scared of complicated setups.

But i don’t believe that anyone willing to make its own configuration with the MORPH have any need to be protected from completeness, even if complicated…

thank you very much,


Thank you for sharing. Confirmed that these are all on our list.

nice !
thank you

i just wanted to add that if SENSITIVITY CURVES could be defined by bezier curves, lines and points, that would allow to scale values too, which would be extremelly powerfull.

i still hope for a preset function like in thunder for inovator overlay. so that i dont have to use a computer to change from one diy overlay to the other. thanks and greetings

Thanks @moutcast. It’s still very much on top of mind for us as well.

thanks a lot for keeping it on top of the list :slight_smile:

Hi Matt,
Many DAW plugins use key switches to change articulations. In the case of spitfire audio, they use C-1 (C minus 1) and up for their key switches. While I can confirm other keyboards work in this midi note range, it seems that I cannot reduce sensel morph keyboard to below C1 (1 octave above C0). It would be very very helpful if this could be fixed in an update.
Thanks kindly,

customizable sysex messages to config to various hardware.

maybe good references starting points…

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@Matt_from_Sensel When can we expect a major firmware update? It’s getting too long now.

We officially brought on more software support and have an update coming in the next few weeks that will address a number of bugs. Stay tuned and thanks for your continued patience.

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Hi, Matt !
We need update on “update on updates” !


Been a few weeks…

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Can you share what’s on your list? Just to heighten the anticipation…

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Promises, promises but only silence from Sensel.


all this time waiting and waiting for the promissed PROGRAM CHANGE zones and still nothing…

i already renounce to see some day value scaling or any more sophisticated stuff

but midi program change is a very basic thing we should not need to beg for

very desapointing…

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