Thunder and MIDI CC

I just got a new Morph + Thunder and have the following problem: some of the “sliders” don’t cover min to max, say 0 to 100, but just i.e. 6 to 96. As a result I cannot control properly my software. Is there anything I can do? Is that a bug or is my Morph broken?

EDIT: The “sliders” not working properly are CDEF and MNOP.

We have a minor update that should make this better. However, you can slide beyond the edges to get to the min/max value. Make sure “slide out of area” is checked in the Morph settings (in SenselApp, click on “Morph-XXXX” and check the settings in that screen).

Hi Peter, thank you for your reply.

“Slide out of area” is checked. In fact I can perfectly work with all other “sliders” including the two hexagons. I have this problem only with CDEF and MNOP.



Hi Peter,

here an update about my problem.

The white led moving left to right and viceversa confirms what I see on the screen of my computer, in fact the light doesn’t reach the left or the right edge (only with CDEF and MNOP), it stops earlier.

Is the problem in the Thunder overlay or in the Morph?

When will that “minor update” be available?

Thank you


I seem not to get much attention here.

My Morph + Thunder set is not working properly (please see my other posts). Do you think it’s the Morph? It’s the Thunder? Is it normal that some of the fields (CDEF and MNOP) don’t transmit over the whole range?

An answer would be helpful before returning both to the shop.

I’d advise just returning the unit. This product is under devoloped and there is no support. I have had many issues with the morph and after much effort i might finally get a “sorry, we know its fucked but we dont have the ability to fix it” message from sensel. Mine is a paperweight. Works well for that.

Hi Humdrum,

thank you for your message.

I think I will follow your advice… I am very unhappy with my Morph/Thunder. I wasn’t expecting miracles but at least a minimum of reliability… As it is, for me it is of no use because I cannot set a value to zero, i.e. interfacing it with a Shuttle Control to control the pitch of an oscillator, it will always send some voltage to the oscillator that will never be in tune. Same applies if I try to use it to control parameters of a plugin.

May I ask you if you found a reliable controller?

I mentioned in my earlier post that the coming update will address this issue. It’s an issue with the scaling of the sliders on the Thunder, not the Morph itself. It is also true that sliding beyond the edges of the slider will set the value to the minimum. I expect the minor update will be available in about 2 weeks.

Hi Peter,

thank you for your post and for giving me a more precise idea of when the update will be available.

I sent back the Morph/Thunder but I will keep an eye open for future developments and eventually I’ll buy it again.

Since my most urgent need is a control surface for voltages, for now I installed TouchOsc on an old iPad and I’m using an Shuttle Control for the conversion. For sure the Morph/Thunder is a much more powerful solution and I can’t wait for trying it again.



Does the change preset area at the top center of the Buchla Thunder overlay work for anyone here? It has no effect for me.

More than one year later: I am trying to use the Buchla overlay as a controler for CC values. It does not seem to be possible to get the slider to send the full range (as stated before in this thread). I am only able to send a range from about 5…123.

  • What about the mentioned update?
  • And if this is available, how do I update the Thunder? Will that be fixed via a firmware update?

Right now I am on 0.19.216 and the Morph says it is up to date.

This is not yet the case (even with “slice out of areas”). At least not when sending CC messages.

I am sorry, the Morph for me is again a really frustrating experience.