Various questions and problems

First, I’m greatly enjoying my Morph! But the more I use it, the more questions arise, no doubt from my unfamiliarity with the device. Laptop: OS 10.15.17; LP 10.5.1; sensel firmware 0.19.216

If someone has the time, could you help me with these observations? Using Thunder overlay.

  • [ ] Sustain button doesn’t work. LED doesn’t light, button #4 sustain disable’s led does light up. But cc#64 mostly does transmit correctly when I make the button a CC.
  • [ ] Pitch bend distance seems to have variable effect. Having a hard time getting a smaller amount of pitch bend. Im assuming that the longer the mm number, the less pitch bend across the morph.
  • [ ] Sensel program stops working or pauses for a minute or two when closing, occasionally crashing LPX - kernel panic once
  • [ ] How to name a top button?
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