Sustain Button just not working

Hi Sensel!

After the notes off sent when pressing octave up or down buttons, here is the second critical issue currently with Morph.

Using the Piano overlay (I didn’t try with the Innovator overlay but I guess it’s the same), when using the MIDI Morph Modifier sustain command in the Sensel App, NOTHING happens.
If we are releasing a key, a MIDI note off command is still sent to whatever we are controlling with Morph.

Also I don’t get what the sustain disable command is for and why there is no led active when the sustain is currently used? It will be very nice to have a visual feedback.

I hope to hear from you very soon.

Thank you!

It’s been more than one week and zero reply…
Too bad the Sensel support is that almost inexistent.
So for now we can use a cc64 toggle message instead but I don’t get why we can’t make the led light when the sustain is ON. It seems it’s an obvious and ideal usage of the leds.

Apologies for the delay. Here’s a short video of the Sustain Morph MIDI Modifier in action, using the default Piano MIDI mapping:

The LED strip does blink, but it doesn’t stay on.
The sustain “disable button” is there to prevent accidental triggering of the Sustain pedal. Yes, I agree this is weird. But that is what it is for.

Does the sustain pedal suppress “note off” events? It really shouldn’t. It should momentarily toggle CC #64. And ideally, we should have the option of making that a a pressure based continuous control.

Your nicer piano libraries understand that the sustain pedal physically removes the damper from every string, allowing sympathetic resonances to sound across the full range of the instrument. This results in a warmer sound, like a form of reverb, and it doesn’t happen when notes are just held down individually. And your REALLY nice virtual pianos (see “Pianoteq”) further understand that partially depressing the sustain pedal is an important part of expressive sound shaping.

This obviously wasn’t the point of your question, but I thought it worth bringing up.

You’re right greaterthanzero, It was my mistake! I just realized it’s on the software side that the sustain command is interpreted and not in the midi messages generation as I was thinking in the first time.
Thanks for the interesting detailed on the subtlety of a real sustain pedal!

Holy crap, thanks @peter_sensel for the video! I understand now what’s going on with your Sustain Morph MIDI Modifier, intuitively (and because a lot of other midi keyboard use this implementation) I was expecting a toggle instead of a momentary behaviour.
Sorry for the confusion!

I still think it would be nicer if the led stay lighted when we use a toggle midi cc command.

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