MIDI note on/off toggle

I checked everywhere I could before I posted, but is there a way to separate midi note on & off states? Much like the MIDI CC toggle in the Sensel App except for MIDI notes. In my particular application, I trigger arpeggiators in my synth from a keyboard that act as “loops.” I send a note-on message to activate them, and when I want them to stop, I send them a note-off message. I am very new to this controller and the API, and I did see the Contact Data “state” in the API which has start, move, and end events. I’m assuming it’s possible to set up some custom configuration that will allow me to set note-on with one press and note-off with another press?

No, we don’t have this feature, but I agree it would be interesting. Can you send your keyboard a Sustain message? If you setup a button to send MIDI CC 64 ,which is the sustain pedal, and you set that up as a toggle, it should sustain the chord you are playing until you trigger the sustain button again.

Yep, that works a charm. Using the music production overlay I can arrange the note on the bottom row and then assign CC64 to the pad above it. Great workaround idea, thanks!

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