Octave Shift Send MIDI Notes OFF

Hi Sensel!

I really love Morph and a lot of things are working great BUT it seems there are a few bugs here and there that really need to be fix like in HIGH priority.

In this topic I’m gonna talk about octave shift issue and I’m gonna create another topic for the sustain issue using the Piano Overlay.

Ok so with every keyboards out there when you are switching octaves, if you are holding one or a few keys down (or if you have some keys sustained using the sustain pedal), these notes are still playing and it’s really part of the basic of live performance with small keyboards.

Right now, with Morph if you press the octave up or down keys every notes currently playing are shut down!

So please, fix the notes OFF sent when we press the octave up or down buttons. It’s unusable in live performance for now because of that issue.

Thank you!

I see your point. If I recall correctly, the reason it is like that is because of feedback that there was a problem of stuck notes when shifting octaves. But this is something that could be classified as a “user error” (hey, improve your timing!) rather than something that needs to be “fixed” with the 8va shift. We can investigate.

Thanks for the answer!
Yes please keep us updated!
It’s really important to be able to use Morph with the piano overlay in live situation.

Hi guys,
I don’t see how this is a user error and not a plain bug / design flaw: octave shifting should not cancel out notes currently being played, and the user should still be able to control these notes even when playing other new notes on higher/lower octaves.
I reported a similar problem, and I hope that this can be fixed quickly, as it DOES make the Sensel unuseable for any polyphonic MPE live…

I think I wasn’t clear. We send the note off on the octave shift because in earlier testing, it was a problem that there could be a note stuck when people shifted the octave. So we sent a note off on the octave shift to fix that issues. What i mean by “user error” is that the stuck note was really the result of the player’s timing, and perhaps shouldn’t have been corrected by our firmware.

I think that what we’re trying to get at is the following:

Unless I’m mistaken, on any standard MIDI interface you can play a note on a given region, then change octave and play some higher or lower notes, while retaining the former note at its original pitch: this note dies when you release the key, with an appropriate note-off for that pitch, regardless of the octave transpositions performed afterwards.

Sending note-offs as a reset to make sure you don’t end up with stuck notes is one thing, but I am (as well as Blacknoise, I think) talking about the feature of being able to span MPE control over multiple octaves, as you would expect from an interface like this by using the octave transposition while playing.

I also expect the sensel to hold the note when switching octaves. The sensel seems to be the exception to the rule based on my experience with other keyboard MIDI controllers so I’m sure it would be simple enough to code the functionality without the risk of stuck notes.

Timing of a user as a cause of this problem is ridiculous and insulting.

You think your customers don’t know how midi works? That they dont have experience and hardware to compare too?

Time to treat all the customers well that spend around 400 dollars and still have a device that doesnt work properly.

No feature updates, no support, No midi channel selection ( on a midi controller ) and Stuck notes as a feature.

I would advice to start taking your customers that paid 400/500 including templates seriously before customers will start returning their devices.
There is a 2 year consumer law warranty in Europe and i will send it back if this issue will not be resolved asap.

@tpj2020 thanks for reaching out. We know our customers are brilliant and respect them enormously. There are many people on this forum doing things we never would have imagined with the Morph. I’m sorry if the earlier response didn’t come across this way.

I know I’ve posted it earlier here, but we’re still in the process of hiring additional software/firmware support that will allow us to address these bugs faster. It’s a competitive market but we hope to have someone on board within the next couple of months.

I know this is a very frustrating answer since we haven’t been able to give an exact date. We usually have a 30 day return window, but are happy to extend it indefinitely until the issue is fixed.

I appreciate your honest comment. Thats good to hear.
When i first got the Sensel i was very much impressed how many things you can program.
And therefor more frustration that development seems to be stagnated.
I hope you will hire someone soon because the Sensel is too good and too expensive to not be able to use out bug free and with additional functionality like switching a midi channel for example. Please keep us posted. That goes as long way.

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Thanks @tpj2020. We appreciate your interest in the Morph and your desire to see it improve. We’ll do our best to keep you posted with any and all developments. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any more questions or feedback in the meantime.