Octave Shift Note-Off issue


I’m experiencing a bug with the Morph using the piano MPE overlay (feeding the MPE into Max/MSP).
When playng a note (e.g 72), if I shift the octave up, a 72 note off is emitted (cf Octave Shift Send MIDI Notes OFF), and when I actually release the key, the note of I get is 84 (the higher octave).

This doesn’t make sense: I would expect the MPE to keep track of pressed down keys and allow proper note-offs regardless of octave shifts made after the notes are played… I cannot play stuff across multiple octaves on the device without any notes played before an octave shift getting stopped.

Could you help me out?

If this is an immediate need, and since you are working in Max, you could engage your own octave shift. Use the senselApp to reprogram the arrow keys to send notes or CC on channel 1 (i.e., outside the bounds of MPE’s channels 2-15). Detect those notes/CC in Max and transpose the incoming notes as you desire. This will bypass the internal note off from the Morph Modifier keys the arrows are set to by default.

Well, sure, I can always bypass and rewrite the logic in Max, but not handling octave shifts while playing otherwise than by sending note-offs to any notes that were being played on the former octave is a huge limitation for a device like this.