[Solved] Note off after changing octave

I’ve set up a simple mpe keyboard overlay with octave up down buttons.

If i hold down a key for a bass note, then jump up an octave to play melody over it i find the following odd behaviour. If i release the bass note it goes quiet, but any other key I press sounds that bass note as well.

I’m thinking that it gets silenced because I’m using pressure to control the volume envelope, but having switched up an octave, the note off message gets sent to the wrong note, and because mpe uses channel pressure, the next key is sounded on the same channel as the original, so the bass note sounds again.

I can drop keyboard down an octave and touch the bass note again to turn it off.

It’s kind of cool, though can be tricky when there’s multiple notes on different channels and I’ve not released them-- it’s hard to find the right notes for each channel to turn them off.

Is this expected behaviour or should the touch know what note it was and so send the same note off when it’s released?

Hello, thank you for reporting this issue. Yes, all the notes should have been released on a octave up/down. We just released an update (0.19.172) that should solve this issue. Please let us know if you have any further issues.