Velocity seems to be offset by +3V

I just got the Sensel Morph and have set it up with the piano overlay MPE to use it with my modular system via the Expert Sleepers FH-2.

I noticed there was something not quite right about it and figured out that it is the Velocity response. When I hook the Velocity output (mapped to output 2 of the FH-2) to an oscilloscope, it shows that it can’t go lower than approximately 3V, even if I set the Threshold in the SenselApp to 0 (I’ve also tried 10). Everything else (aftertouch and slide) responds perfectly between 0-10V.

I have tested the FH-2 with the Roli Seaboard Block and there is no issue with the FH-2 - it responds to velocity between 0-10V.

Is this a particular issue with my unit? Have I set it up incorrectly? Can it be fixed with an adjustment in the firmware code?

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So I have noticed this problem seems to exist when using software (like the Roli Equator) and also in any software on the iOS on my ipad so it seems like its to do with a setting on the Morph. Is it possible to allow users to adjust the sensitivity range (it would also be great to be able to adjust the sensitivity curves for all parameters).

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+1 for sensitivity curves. Threshold is good, but doesn’t help how hard you need to hit/press to get higher velocity notes. I need to practically beat on the piano overlay to get any velocity over 100. So, I end up needing to either adjust every curve setting in my DAW, or add plugins to do it, which is inconvenient.


+1 !!! For Innovator’s Overlay too !

If threshold is set to 0-3, aftertouch works perfectly but velocity is too hard. I can’t hit soft velocity like 0-50.
I currently set threshold 4, velocity works a bit better but of course aftertouch threshold is high.

I need velocity curve settings !

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Is this being looked at? Because its definitely a bug. Every other parameter is 0-10V. Just the Velocity is 3V. This is disappointing.

The only reason I bought the Sensel Morph is because I was told in the demo videos about its higher resolution and sensitivity in mpe, and its versitility in being customisable. Now that I’ve bought it I find that the firmware settings are somewhat limited.

Does anyone know how to revert to a previous version of the firmware? I want to see if maybe this problem didnt occur in previous versions.

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I know they can update firmware quickly.
I will wait a little more.

+1!!! Waiting hard for velocity/ sensitivity curves for music production overlay. For Fingerdrumming is this feature absolute necessary. Hope there is something in the pipeline…

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I agree. The velocity curves for music seems to be an issue for me as well. I hope it will be fixed with an firmware update.

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I’ve been using morphs for more than 1 year.
It’s perfect if this issue gonna be fixed.
No update yet ?

Hi @Ebee. We don’t have any updates to offer at this time. Thanks for your continued patience, we will certainly make an announcement once this is addressed.

It’s been over a month since this issue was last mentioned.
Has the issue been acknowledged? It it being assessed? Is a fix in progress?
This is a showstopping issue for an otherwise amazing device!

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Hi Len,

We’re currently hiring support to help with issues like this. I can’t give a precise estimate but we are completely aware of the request and will be working to address.


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Thanks for confirming that the issue isn’t being ignored!

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Alex is gone !!!

@Ebee Thank goodness that’s not the case! He’s still very much here doing great work. We’re hiring support to work directly with him in North Carolina.

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