Velocity curves needed

This product does not work as it is stated because the sensitivity does not allow for dynamic playing. I am aware you already know about this issue but I will restate so others can join in.
When the threshold is set at a low sensitivity it is difficult to play anything under 100 and almost impossible to play below 30. When threshold is set to a high sensitivity one must hit it with all their force to get 100 and it’s still difficult to play under 30. I think I saw 18 once when I was really trying in a clinical state to play soft.
This make the morph nothing but a gimmicky toy. A total show stopper and it seems like it’s being ignored by sensel. Please be straight forward with your supporters and let us know if and when this issue will be addressed.

I was facing similar problem earlier. But since I just use digital synths and not physical I use following lightweight VST curve plugin to fine tune my velocity curves before feeding them to any synth. Hope it helps.

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Using the Sensel with the drumpad overlay is not ideal. False triggering is a problem, you have to be careful with your fingers. Sticks are even more difficult to control properly. Plus, as you noted, velocity response is messy.
It is usable as a sketchpad, but lots of editing of the recorded MIDI is necessary.
On the other hand, editing is also necessary with a BopPad that has velocity curves.
Best(but not 100%) is still a 15 year old Roland TD-20 with meshhead pads.
I am not recording complicated jazz, just straightforward simple pop/rock tunes.

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Thank you I will look into this. Have you run into any options like this for iPad?

I don’t use iPad based DAWs but I have a feeling this should work for you .Though it does not have that granular control over curves as the one I mentioned earlier & you have to figure out midi routing in your DAW.
If you use something straightforward as Midiflow for midi routing, it has its own velocity curve built in.

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Try pressure instead of velocity! It can be much more expressive and dynamic that way. This is not a conventional controller, must be approached unconventionally, as it’s own thing.
I agree that playing the drum pad overlay is less than perfect, so i set mine up as xyz pads instead. This is new technology, let it guide you towards new ways of making music :wink:
It’ll be great when everything is ironed out but calling it a toy is missing the point IMO

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I enjoyed watching your video. Can you show an example of playing a percussive instruments in a controllable way using pressure? It seems you are simply controlling rate, or similarly, the replete time of a sound. I have a DSI tempest and I use aftertouch with that all the time, but using only pressure? Not sure how one would make a anything but a house beat with that, can you play different patterns and rythyms. All I heard was 4 to the floor. But maybe thats the point. As far as limiting myself as to how I can use this product, this has already been done. I have set up a few different templates with the thunder and other pads. Pressure has been a big part of that certainly. Using animoog on an iPad has been very fun with pressure. I have also set up a template for my tempest but I find that I enjoy the built in pads much more. On the morph I have found it difficult to use pressure while also getting the striking velocity set to a “usable” ballpark, the pressure often ends up in a less than useful curve. To only utilize pressure is not how the original thunder was designed, nor the morph. I feel I have lived with plenty of limitations and have been forced into many work arounds with this product. That’s pretty much all it’s been with the morph. It is true that it probably isn’t a toy, toys are fun and easy. I suppose I should consider it an awkward and underdeveloped tool. I also applaud the new tech. Looking forward to it being usable in an outward sense, not just “how can I get this thing to work”. I think it’s going to take a kickstarter to finish their kickstarter project though or else maybe its beta for life.

Thank you for the link to midi flow, this has helped a lot in using my iPad as a USB midi host and has increased the morphs usefulness greatly. :clap:t2:

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