Fixing the annoying too-high minimum velocity using Reaktor

Since it is nearly impossible to get velocity values below 0.3 (on a scale of 0 to 1) on the morph, I made a very simple Reaktor patch that subtracts 0.3 and then scales the result appropriately to yield a range of roughly 0 to 1. I thought I’d share if anyone else has Reaktor and wants to reach lower velocities.

Sensel velocity scale (2.2 KB)

This still doesn’t fix the noisiness of the velocity response or those occasional high velocities even when you are tapping very gently. Velocities are especially really messed up when drumming with two fingers on one pad. But from my initial testing, using this patch before something like Modo Drum yields more satisfactory results.

Keep in mind that you need to set your DAW such that Reaktor will replace MIDI. This works for me in Reaper. I haven’t tested in any other DAW and don’t know any other DAWs. So I can’t offer suggestions if it doesn’t work in another DAW!