Pad sensitivity with Beatmaker 3 (IOS)

Hello I am a brand new user with the morph and i’ve been frustrated with the pad sensitivity. It seems like I can’t finger drum fluidly because i have to strike really hard on the pads to get a certain velocity change. Also I hit the pads simultaneously when finger drumming and the sound sometimes cuts out.I am using the morph with the ios program Beatmaker 3. I was told by someone to change the threshold under the midi note button setting in the sensel app. However i don’t hear a difference if anything its gotten worse the more i raised the number which ranges from 0 to 10. I am also using the Music Production overlay.

I really hope its a programming issue rather than the device being this way i don’t want to return this device but if i cant adjust the pads velocity to my comfort i might have to return it. Please tell me what to do if I am programming this incorrectly

Hey there! Agreed that the full range of sensitivity on the Music Production Overlay pads is often too much for your average pad drumming needs. Luckily, there’s an easy solution! Go to the sample view for any pad in Beatmaker 3 and you’ll see a “Modulations” section - here, you can adjust the percentage to which velocity affects the volume of that pad. I’ve demonstrated this below in a video I just threw together:

Happy beatmaking!

Also, a note on the “threshold” control in SenselApp - it doesn’t affect the minimum/maximum pressure data that comes from the Morph. Rather, it changes how hard you have to touch an area for it to be activated in the first place.

also, if you feel like you have to hit it too hard, your solution should be to lower the threshold. I have my pads set at 0. perhaps we should ask the BM3 dev to add some kind of global velocity control change so you don’t have to go and manually change the velocity of every single pad to get the desired effect, if you tend to feel like you always have to hit the pads too hard.

Thank you i actually have it set to 0 and it’s still too sensitive for me to play simultaneously. I think the morph is just not cut out for finger drumming maybe playing one pad and recording one track at a time. Either that or beatmaker 3 is not working with morph fluidly. I was hoping the sensitivity of the pads was like a mini maschine or Akai. I guess i have to play individually which is a bummer for me.

Thank you David i appreciate the immediate response and great customer service. I tried the velocity modification in beatmaker 3 however it’s a great hassle to have to do that every time i open a session but i appreciate your efforts on trying to help the issue.

Also You said the threshold is only for how hard or soft you have to hit the pad to activate. Is there any velocity global change or programming i can do to the morph. I was kind of hoping i can use this like a maschine or Akai Mpc as far as finger drumming. My issues I’m having is even when i hit the pad soft the pad sound is too soft and then when i strike the pad not hard just hit a certain way it’s too loud or when I’m playing more than one pad the sound cuts out

I think a way to adjust velocity curve on the morph would be great, as this is a feature of other midi controllers. The cutting out thing doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with the morph, though. In BeatMaker 3, triggering one pad can cut the sound on another pad if they’re in the same choke group. Could you share a video example of what’s happening with that? Also, BeatMaker 3 doesn’t do MPE, so I’ve got my morph map set to MIDI only, no aftertouch.

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