My first overlay

Hi, all new here. I created my first overlay called “DualDrumPad”. It is basically 32 squares (double the often seen 4x4 pad layout. Any feedback is appreciated.

DualDrumPadv1.senselmap (7.0 KB)

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Looks good - have you messed with the velocity/response at all?

I don’t use the Morph to drum, however in limited experience messing with the official MP Overlay (with the 12 pads) the velocity was very finicky, I felt the sensitivity would need to be adjusted to a higher threshold at a minimum which should be possible. Mainly a velocity curve or limited range of that curve applied which I don’t think is possible with the Sensel App.

I also don’t know if you’re able to enable the low latency mode on the innovator, but its worth finding out if you can. I don’t see any reason for Sensel to limit the available “options” per overlay – they should all be unlocked on every overlay.

No, not yet. I got my Innoator overlay yesterday and started tweeking with it today. I was happy that I got it to work on my (well, sort of) first try with Studio One. Will have a look at the velocity options.

Love it!! Would love to hear/see it in action too :slight_smile:

I will record a video while playing with it over the weekend. And I will post a link to it here in the forum.

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Awesome - can’t wait to see it!

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