[SOLVED]: How to use velocity

Hi there,

Have been exploring the Morph and Thunder, and am trying to figure out the use of velocity. When I play the Audio Damage synth Quanta, I get no velocity response when I map velocity to parameters. What am I doing wrong? Can’t get it to work with Animoog either.


Just tested it in Ableton using Collision. Velocity works there, though it never gets very quiet, which I believe is a problem with the Sensel from what I’ve seen on the forum. I guess the problem is within Quanta or AUM (the app I use for hosting AU plugins on the iPad).

Ok solved. Increase Quanta’s amp envelope sustain to 100% and set Velocity to envelope amount to 100.

Quanta is, by the way, still super buggy.

Glad to see you solved this issue, @korhanerel. Thanks for sharing your experience here.

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