[Solved]: MPE split between two destinations

Hi there,

Just purchased a Morph+Thunder overlay and have been exploring it in the past couple of days. Works great with the Hydrasynth as well as iOS apps Quanta and Animoog.

I wonder if it’s possible to split MPE among two destinations. Like playing Quanta and Animoog with the same sensel in MPE mode but one half playing Quanta and the other half Animoog.


Let me answer my own question. Yes it is possible using AUM on the iPad. AUM lets you create note splits. Easy as that. I am able to play two instances of Quanta and one instance of Animoog. Happy :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear this worked out and that you’re happy!!! Would love to see/hear this.

I’m not great at making video demos, but I’ll do my best. It’s very easy to do though. Just load two MPE-capable synths on two different channels on AUM, tap on the settings of each channel (right next to the channel head), select Sensel Morph, scroll down a bit more and set the note range you want for that synth. Repeat for the other synth (and the 3rd, 4th synth). This works better with synths that are less tonality-sensitive, like the Audio Damage Quanta that granulates samples and those samples don’t have to have tonal content. On top of that, Quanta allows tuning tables, so with only a few stripes on the Thunder, you can achive very interesting granular textures with one instance of Quanta and use a totally different sample on another instance of Quanta on another keyrange (and repeat until you run out of Thundar touch surfaces)

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