Morph (Piano layout) and Kontakt in Logic Pro X

I’m a Morph newbie, and I was trying to use it in Logic Pro X (latest) with Kontakt. I have an MPE-compatible library (Auras, by S+A, distributed by NI) but I’m a bit confused.
I’ve been a ROLI user and with their dashboard it’s pretty easy to setup things. I’m using the piano layout but I don’t know if I’m actually been able to use all the MPE features of this library or not, since I don’t find any settings to tweak (in Kontakt or Logic).

Any help? I’ve checked the Logic related video in the User Guide but it’s not really helpful for my purpose.
At a glance, it looks like Morph needs some more easy-to-follow step by step guidelines for users that not are not engineers or nerds at heart!

Thank you for your help. Any Logic-related tip is welcome too.

Hey @xist! Welcome aboard. Sorry to hear you’ve had trouble with the initial setup.

I’d recommend checking out this live stream that @peter_sensel put together a few months back, which specifically covers setting up MPE in Logic:

It’s a little glitchy, but should have the info you need. Let us know if you’re still having trouble.


I’m also using Auras and was looking for a non-Roli controller. Did you have any luck getting this to work to your liking? I don’t habe the Morph yet was and I’m wondering if I should jump in. Also hoping to use it to control Cycles also with S+A, albeit in Ableton

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