New User / Mac Mojave + Equator "MPE issue"

I just picked up a Morph a few days ago - and (as often happens on computers, it seems) I’m having issues with getting the Morph to work “properly” with Equator (I have full/unlocked version). Is there a configuration I’m supposed to download for this to work w/PianoKeyboard layout? Because I can ONLY get Morph to work if I set Equator in NON-MPE mode.

Also - in that mode, it’s WAY too sensitive to L-R change, and doesn’t seem mapped properly to U-D (vertical) change, nor Pressure. I bought this to (in part) replace my Roli Mini Kbd which I lost a few months ago. Figured this would be more flexible, etc. And had been curious even on pre-release. Much Thanks for any input - shocked there seem no videos on this topic (scratches head…) Thanks!!!

Did you load the MPE maps for the Piano overlay using the Sensel App? All details for the SenselApp are in our guide.

ha! Color me noob - LOL! I didn’t realize there were TWO overlays - one for MIDI and one for MPE. I got it… Much better… :wink: Thank you, again.

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