Stuck notes using Thunder with MPE and pitchbend enabled

I just received a Morph, and it’s pretty exciting.

Unfortunately MPE seems almost unusable – using the Thunder overlay, if I play more than 3 or 4 notes at once then pitchbend, channel aftertouch, etc continue to transmit for up to several seconds after I lift my fingers before finally the Morph transmits note off. EDIT: turning off pitchbend seems to resolve the issue. Additionally, some notes seem to fail to trigger if enough are already playing, but I might just not be used to the playing surface yet.

Firmware is updated as of March 13th 2021, using USB and Windows 10. Any ideas? I haven’t been able to find anything in the forums.


That’s very odd. What software are you using? Are you using a hub for USB or direct into the computer? Normally hubs are not an issue, but I want to make sure that is not the problem.
Can you download MIDI berry and use the Morph with this to log your MIDI data? I’m curious to see if it shows dropped notes off in that.

Update: the Morph is actually working fine, and I have an external hardware issue.

Using the Morph over usb to computer, through midi-ox, over usb to Novation 61sl mkII, finally over MIDI to Blofeld: I get hanging notes.

Taking out the sl mkII, and just using Morph over usb to computer, through midi-ox, over usb to Blofeld: everything is fine, no hanging notes.

Curious indeed, but not a big deal to work around.

If you’d like, I can provide a log from midi-ox.

I also got Stuck notes while using bluetooth with Buchla overlay on. Moog model 15 on Mac iOS.

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