Cannot send piano mpe overlays to my morph on both mac and pc with different ports too

So i have 2 sensel morph and both don’t want to receive an update of the piano overlay in mpe mode.
Every time i try to send it to the morph the morph flash a few times. Stop, Flash and then the power light goes off. It goes back on and flash and the old piano overlay midi mode is on.

I can’t seems to find whats the issue.

  1. i open sensel app
  2. i send mpe piano map
  3. the morph power button light up and blink> the morph led blinks at the same time
    they both go off > morph power light up > the morph led blinks

1 out of 3 times it’s blocked and i have to disconnect it and reconnect it.

The morph is recognizing different overlays tho… I’ve tried clearing morph maps, reinstall the firmware, reinstall the software, using windows 10, using macos, changing ports…

Any ideas ?