Bitwig Studio 4.0.1 Controller Script Bug

The Sensel Piano overlay mode is not sending MIDI notes below 60. This only happens when using the Morph script - creating a generic keyboard input and then selecting the Morph as the source allows MIDI notes below 60 to be played. However, since it is a generic standard MIDI device, MPE is unavailable.

Currently there is no way to use the Morph’s Piano overlay with MPE in Bitwig Studio 4.0.1

I had a back and forth with the Bigwig Support team to confirm this behavior.

I was just using the piano overlay with 4.01 yesterday, and playing lots of lovely bass tones. Meaning, I didn’t suffer this problem. Are you sure you have the bitwig piano senselmap loaded onto the Morph? Software Setups - Sensel Morph Documentation

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