[Solved] Bigwig 2.4 and wrong piano MPE overlay notes

I am having a new issue since I updated to Bitwig 2.4. I am up to date on Morph software/firmware updates, I’m on a MacBook Pro OS 10.11.6. When I select the Morph as a controller for ANY soft synths in Bitwig 2.4, I get strange/wrong note mappings and slide ranges in certain areas of the Piano MPE overlay.

For example, when I play from C3-C4, the note triggered is the correct one, but when I play C#4, it triggers F#4!! (and so on up the scale, triggering subsequent wrong notes from C#4 up…) Also, the slide range on C3 is very large (the sound goes up 2 octaves over the span of a 3 key slide, whereas if I play D3, the slide is correctly matched for 1 octave when sliding to D4…). I have confirmed this issue with both my Morphs separately. The Roli Seaboard does not do this with the same softsynths (this happens in all tried softsynths…) in Bitwig 2.4, by the way, so I wonder if the new Bitwig script for the Morph has bugs or something else has gone wrong…


P.S. Never mind…

I figured it out. I checked the Sensel User guide and figured out I was using the control surface script in Bigwig which makes the keyboard mappings different.

If you want the Morph to work properly as a 5D keyboard in Bigwig, you should select your Morph as a “generic midi keyboard”, then select “Sensel Morph” for the midi input. Do NOT select “Morph MPE” or “Morph MPE control v1” on the dropdown, as this will select the Morph as a control surface and display extremely wacky behavior as an MPE controller. Just FYI…

Sorry about the confusion! Yes, it will autodetect and use the control surface script. We also have a simple MPE script that enables MPE and also automaps the 8 knobs of the Music Production overlay to 8 parameters in Bitwig. It’s in our github repo - here’s the script, but you’ll need to download the whole repo to get it. Put it in your Documents/Bitwig Studio/Controller Scripts/ folder if you want to use it.
If you want to use the included script, you’ll need to setup the overlays using the maps from that repo, or simply use the installer from our shop.


I have the same problem on linux (opened a new thread). How do I use the maps from that repo? Do I just put the files alongside the .js script?

The senselmap files that configure the Morph to work with the Bitwig script need the SenselApp to load the maps onto the Morph.