[Solved]: Strange Morph pitch tracking behavior

2018 MacMini, i7, 32 GB, OS 10.14.4 Mojave
Sensel Morph x 2, firmware 0.19.180, Sensel App 0.19.32
Bitwig Studio 2.5 (also tested in Ableton Live 10 and Logic Pro X, latest versions)

In all Piano-based keyboard layouts (Piano MIDI and Piano MPE) the pitch played tracks fine from C3 to C4, but it jumps from C4 to F#4 when the C#4 key is hit (a 3 semitone jump!), and to G4 when D4 is played and so on until C5 (small C key at the top of the Morph) which plays the note C3!! Both my Morphs are doing this (even after reinstalling the firmware and sending piano maps to both Morphs).


which synth are you using? Some synths support different pitch bend ranges for bending up and bending down. When you set the Morph to two octaves range that would mean the lower octave is the negative range of the pitch bend signal and the upper one the positive range. Set up and down bending to the same range (e.g. -/+ 12 semitones) and it will probably work as expected.

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This is not a pitchbend issue ( well it is ALSO a pitchbend issue- the bend range changes depending on where I play on the Morph!). The problem is that the keys on the Morph piano layout play different midi notes than they should. Even when moving the octave up or down, the notes (audio) do not follow the keys played… C3 plays C3 , D3 plays D3, etc until you get to key D4 which triggers Midi note G4. Key C5 (the small one at the end of the Morph) triggers C3!!

Yes, I have checked the midi key mapping on the Piano MIDI and MPE Sensel maps and it is correct…it shouldn’t be acting this crazy…


Sorry. I forgot I had that issue a while ago. I just solved my own issue by looking at my old thread… must be getting old! Ha!

Out of interest: What was the cause for the issue?

I figured it out. I checked the Sensel User guide and figured out I was using the control surface script in Bitwig which makes the keyboard mappings different.

If you want the Morph to work properly as a 5D keyboard in Bitwig, you should select your Morph as a “generic midi keyboard”, then select “Sensel Morph” for the midi input. Do NOT select “Morph MPE” or “Morph MPE control v1” on the dropdown, as this will select the Morph as a control surface and display extremely wacky behavior as an MPE controller. Just FYI…

@gude2000 Glad to hear you figured it out. Thanks for sharing your experience here!

Hi there. I’m having the same problem in Bitwig, but choosing generic midi keyboard and the sensel morph midi input doesn’t solve it. Yes the keys give the midi note that’s been programmed, but you also lose the mpe capabilities, like being able to bend notes individually.
That is a big deal! Is there no mpe script for Bitwig that just passes on midi notes as they are received? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
greets, Pieter

You also have to select Midi Channels IN->ALL and MIDI Channels Out->SAME on the Bitwig track the Morph is on (they show up on the left pane in Bitwig). That worked for me. The only thing I had difficulty with was matching the length of the bends on different synths. You have to play with the bend range in Bitwig and the Morphs bend distance to make them do what you want (i.e. a 1-octave bend goes to the note 1-octave above-or below)… trial and error. When you find what works, you need to save different Morph maps for different soft synths, unfortunately (at least in my experience). I hope that helps!

Wow! That was the magic trick gude! It seems to be working like a charm now, thanks a lot!

My two cents on the subject of pitch bend: I only use the Bitwig synths (which can do pretty much everything;-), and I only adjusted the pitch bend that’s on the inspector panel when you select the instrument track. That worked for every synth, and since it changes the midi going into the synth, I guess that will work with plugins as well.

The pitch range must be relative to the senselmap, so that when you bend up or down your finger position corresponds with the tone you hear, right? In my case I set the instrument track p. bend to two octaves up and down and that works fine with my senselmap, which has one chromatic octave horizontally and four octaves vertically.
Haven’t tested it, but the sensel piano overlay has more keys horizontally, so the p.bend should be set differently I believe.
Good luck dear colleague :beers:

By the way, there’s an update to the Bitwig script that takes care of the weird note maps. Version 1.1 has some other goodies too:

If you got the script from our store, you should get an email that it is updated.