PITCH, cannot maintain a stable one

I admit, I’ve only owned a Sensel Morph for a few days now, but…

I have updated to Morph Firmware: 0.19.298.

I have been watching the Sensel video, ‘Morph Firmware 0.19.295 Update: Pitch and Velocity,’ repeatedly, and then endeavoring to match settings in my Sensel App to what I am seeing done in the video.

With MPE ENABLED in Pigments, locked in on some Pig Version 3.5 patch, I am struggling with 2 things:

  1. constant pitch variation when holding down a a single key. In other words, I cannot keep my finger still enough to avoid continuous pitch variation, i.e. warbling.
    2)) If I attempt to pitch bend from any note, say…up only a fourth…the fourth note I land on sounds as though I’ve done more like a 4 or 5 ocative gliss; at the very least, it’s like the fourth note is all hollowed out, such that all the lower harmonic content from the initial note press are gone. If I then re-strike that fourth note, I hear the entire content of the patch again.

I’ll be the first to suspect that user error in the form of Morph/Midi Stupidity may be a factor here, but…I could really use some help here.

you can set the pitch bend range in the synth plugin.

You’ll probably want to set the bend rounding to “Jump”

Thanks Peter. I’ll try that.Mark