Pitchbend needs option to autoreset on keyup

I get that there are times when you want pitch bend to stay where it was when you release a note. However, musically that’s not actually very helpful, real instruments like a guitar when you bend the strings will return to normal pitch when you move your finger. There needs to be an option to reset pitch on note up, possibly with a portamento time setting so that the pitch returns to normal over the specified time. Otherwise emulating instruments like the Roli Seaboard is a bit tricky. Having said that, I’m gonna get down into the API and write for that, it’s a bit like KMI’s Qunexus keyboards; the hardware’s great but the software is limited. Luckily they also give you access to live sensor data which let me write a plugin to make 'em work the way I wanted. So I’m sure I can turn this lovely piece of hardware into the musical instrument I plan it to be. Still, better MIDI support in the designer wouldn’t go amiss…

Thank you for the feedback. I have added this to our list of internal feature requests.

Hi Alex – a few things: I’m using the drum overlay and I have a few questions/observations: I want to turn pitch bend off completely from the morph and can’t.
1). When do you think Ajay’s pitch bendauto reset will be addressed

2). I’ve seen the bent arrow key referenced for two different functions, velocity OFF and pitch Bend OFF – It doesn’t appear to work for pitch bend at all. Is that an issue that’s being addressed?

  1. when I go into the morph configuration app, there’s an on/off pitch bend check box for each individual pad. I uncheck the check box(es), click on “send map to morph” and all the checked boxes revert to being checked…

4). Ultimately, I find that its the lower right corner pad (above the cuticle) that is the pitch bend control pad – it’s a cool effect – but I need to turn it off for some tunes. Any suggestions? If not now, when?

Thanks in advance for getting back to me!


One more thing/bug/quirk regarding the current implement of pitch bend: it’s bending across all channels! I have my sensel morph to transmit on channel 1. I have instruments on other channels and when I press and slide on the lower right hand pad, it bends all of the pitches on at least several of the channels…a remedy? Thanks again!

I would like to add my vote for this. While there’s a lot of scope in MPE, every once in a while I would like to use (say) a horizontal slider on the MP Overlay as a conventional single-channel MIDI pitch bender, and not having it reset to 0 when released is a bit of a drag. In fact, this kind of default value that returns upon release would be a great thing for ALL controls, effectively making them “springloaded” if desired.

Sorry if I’m missing something; I’ve been working with the Morph for quite some time but only recently joined the forums. I’m not a coder, so diving into the API to create my own features is a bit beyond me. Many thanks in advance.


Was searching the forum and found this post from a while back as I was hoping there was a setting to reset pitch bend on release as well.

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I’m a new Morph user (first post on this forum).
I’m very surprised to see that there’s no way to reset pitch bend :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Sensel team : are you reading ? any update on this topic ?

Yes, we’re reading! This is a very popular request and heavily on our minds. We’re going to implement it as soon as we can, but can’t offer a real estimate of when that might be at this time.

Happy to read that you’re still working on it :+1:
So i confidently buy a second Morph and continue to happily add this wonderful interface in my setup :grinning:

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also another vote for this feature