Pitch bend that returns to zero upon release is badly needed

I’m amazed this isn’t already an option! I was expecting that the morph could replace my pitch-bend and mod-wheels/strips when I am using a normal keyboard. It seemed obvious prior to buying that the morph should be able to serve this function nicely, so I didn’t bother to check. To my disappointment, it turns out the morph can’t perform this basic function.

I have never liked wheels. And the touch strips on my Komplete Kontrol S61 MK1 are not reliable. Also, the typical vertical orientation isn’t ideal. You end up having to move your whole arm at the shoulder! Side-to-side movements are more dexterous and natural. So I figured I could set one of the horizontal strips on the music production overlay to be a pitch-bend strip. It is one of the reasons I bought the morph. No such luck!

Having no return to zero upon release (spring-like behavior) on a pitch bend controller is seriously problematic. Have the developers actually tried to play using it the way it is? Terrible! Unless you tap to recenter the pitch bend, your next note is at the wrong pitch! Having to tap to recenter after every bend before hitting the next note is ridiculous! And even then, you are likely to end up slightly off zero! So you are always out of tune! Even those inferior touch strips on my KKS61 have a “spring” option, enabled by default because it is so obvious that such an option is needed!

Please implement this soon! It would be so easy to add it! It would probably take one of your coders ten minutes! I see that numerous requests have been made for this for years. Don’t tell me you don’t have the resources to add such an easy-to-implement feature! It takes more resources just to deal with customers like me publicly complaining about the omission of such an obviously necessary feature (and likely returning the device) than it would to add the feature and make your customers happier and more likely to recommend your product and less likely to return it! This surely isn’t the sort of thing that should require meetings and deliberation.

Every pitch-bend controller in the history of synthesizers until the morph that I know of has returned to zero when released! The need was obvious to Bob Moog.

Just add the option and let the user decide which way is a better way to do things for them. Don’t tell me it’s on your minds and that it might be implemented someday (which likely means never).

If you are super-short on resources, I would be happy to see pitch return to zero instantly for now. Better would be to have it drift back to zero at a specifiable rate. Even better would be to have an adjustable curve.

This feature should be an option not just for pitch bends, but also for any CC. I might want to assign a strip or pad to change the pitch on just one oscillator, for example, and would want return-to-zero there as well.

Thank you! And sorry for my pushy and impatient tone. That comes from noticing how long people have been asking for this obviously essential basic feature. :slightly_smiling_face: It seems that a little screaming on this matter is needed! :roll_eyes: :smile:

Have a nice Christmas!


I agree with this rant. I made the same assumption when I purchased the Sensel. If you’re playing live using the Sensel as a midi cc controller, many ‘techniques’ require the ‘zeroing’ of the effect after release (pitch, modulation, feedback, etc.). While I’m at it (and maybe I’m missing something), the pads/buttons should send midi cc values based on pressure sensitivity. ‘Toggling’ on/off is too crude and doesn’t give enough control … allow the user to set up min/max values from ‘no touch’ to ‘full’.

I admit that I’ve looked at the QuNeo (by Keith McMillen) as a replacement/alternative. However, that device is notoriously complicated and doesn’t (directly) send ‘key commands’ which complicates using it as a combo live controller/daw controller.

Thanks …


I agree with you.
When I purchased morph, I had thought “of course” it have momentary mode on CC slider…

My morph has never been out of the closet for one and a half years because it doesn’t have that function.

+1 for this feature request!! Really necessary for performances!

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For a workaround, would it be possible to set one of the buttons to pitchbend and the value to zero?

Plus on on this topic for sure, can’t wait to see/hear it implemented for a more natural synth sound.

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