MPE Suggestion - Reset pitch bend and glide modulation after note release

One thing that I’ve noticed while playing the Morph is that when I play an extreme pitch bend, release, then play the same note I just bent to, there is a popping sound that’s caused by the pitch bend being set back to 0. A similar situation happens with absolute Y modulation, whenever i play a note from a wide Y range.

Having the pitch bend return to 0 as you release wouldn’t solve the issue, it’d just move the pops to the release of the note instead of the start of a new note. If there was an option to have a “pitch bend release time” after you let off of a note, this would clear up those pops. Even a little 5ms slide from the pitch bend value moving to 0 would sound so much better than instant 0 and pop. A more in-depth option would be an adjustable pitch bend release, from 1ms to 10+ seconds, which would be great for long release pad sounds to not have pitch bends of the new notes abruptly shift the previous notes.

At the very least, setting ~5ms of time from the previous pitch bend/modulation value to the new notes pitch bend/modulation would take care of pops.

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Hello, thank you for contacting us. We found there was an error in 0.16 where the pitchbend reset is not being sent before the note on, which should fix the pop issue. This will be fixed in 0.17 in the next few weeks.


Boom! You guys rock! Thanks, and looking forward to the update :smiley: