Pitch wheel style pitch bending?

I curious if this has been implemented somehow - where pitch bend returns to 0 when one lifts off from the Sensel, acting like a momentary control like a traditional pitch wheel/joystick. This would be rather useful for other things as well, but I don’t see a way for this to happen…

Not possible with the on board tools or the app unfortunately, but you can make Morph much more powerful if you use something like Max or TouchDesigner to customize how data is sent.

For example, I have set some global momentary effects (using Buchla layout), so the note on the pad activates/deactivates the effect, and the Y position modifies some parameter, like a stutter effect which rate is set by Y position and activated only when pressing the pad.

Much more complex things can be done, like retriggers, small sequencers, controls activating only when other controls passes given thresholds and so on.

Here I’ve done the pitch bend trick you wanted, notice when no press is detected, 0 is sent, when pressed it goes to negative or positive values.

Not sure what range is needed for pitch bend though, but it’s easy to adjust, also you can have two octaves up and one octave down, or whatever you want.

TouchDesigner has a free non commercial license.
Here’s the TD file of pitch bend if you want to try it yourself. You have to create another MIDI out operator to send the MIDI to wherever you want. Let me know if you have more questions!

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