Send Pitch Bend Without Note?

Is it possible to send a midi pitch bend with the “note” set to “off”. I basically want to use the Sensel Morph to do pitch bend on already existing midi note information already recording inside of bitwig.

I can get pitch bend to work when the Morph is sending note data, but once I set the “note” setting to “off”, it no longer send pitch bend. I’m using the “no overlay” mode in case that matters (though my guess is that doesn’t make any difference) and am on updated firmware and the most recent bitwig studio update. Also i’m in “MPE XYZ Pad” mode and also tried MIDI XYZ Pad mode.

Any ideas or is this simply impossible?

As I think you saw, this is not currently possible. It’s very much on our list of things we hope to update.

No worries and thanks for the reply @Matt_from_Sensel , as I am trying to work out the other issue we’re discussing in my other forum post more urgently

If this is addressed in a future update, that would be great.

Sending cc to modwheel doesn’t work?