Loving Morph & Suggestions

Hi Sensel Crew,
I gotta say how much I love the morph for music making. I especially like the portability and flexibility of the interface. However, I have 2 suggestions to make it even better:

  1. It seems to me that vibrato and pitchbend are two ends of the same spectrum, but I would really like a (logarithmic? graphical?) way of seprating the two so that small movements gave subtle vibrato and large movements gave glide. Am I missing something here?

  2. I find myself often wanting to move from MPE to non-MPE configurations and from one scale configuration to another without having to go back and re-flashing the morph, which gets time consuming and inconvenient if you have to do it too often. Can we please have a keyboard that allows us to switch between configurations on-the-fly?

Thanks again,


Both great suggestions! The differentiation between glides and vibratos seems like a challenging algorithm to write but would be really useful!

I think Roli does this using a small velocity curve that can be set to linear or logarithmic etc at setup.

You can adjust the response curves in some software (ROLI Equator does a really nice job of this), but I wish more software offered this. We can investigate the feasability of adding this to the hardware itself. It’s not ideal to do this in hardware, though, since MIDI is so low-resolution - it’s better to use the linear input and do the interpolation in software.

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Regarding question #1 - you might try experimenting with the Pitch Bend options in the Sensel App. For example, turning off “slide out of control areas” will make it so that pitch bend stops when you leave one key area and enter another. In the Sensel App, you can also adjust the pitch bend range, and choose a rounding algorithm for MPE pitch.

You should also look into software options. As @DCPImages mentioned, ROLI’s Equator synth plugin allows for customization of the pitch bend curve. Most soft synths, and many DAWs, allow for customization of pitch bend range.

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Hi Peter,
Here is a shot of the Roli Dashboard showing graphics for ‘glide’.