Feature wish: 3/2 morphs pitchbend range

The probably most useful feature missing for me is currently the ability to set pitch bend in a way that it bends three octaves over two Morphs. (I have four Morphs with a custom layout that is set up that way).
For many synths I can get around that by simply setting the bend range of the morph to 230mm (the active area of one Morph) and the pitch bend range of the synth to 18 semitones.
But some synths (like e.g. the fantastic EaganMatrix in the ContinuuMini) doesn’t offer +/-18 semitones. Only 1/2/12 and multiples of 12.
Pretty please!

Thanks @NothanUmber. We’d definitely love to make this happen for you when we have the bandwidth!

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